Bobber Rolling Chassis

Gooseneck sportster rolling chassisAfter cruising the custom motorcycle magazines for a style I liked. I was inspired by the pro builder and artist Shinya Kimura of Chabott Engineering formerly Zero Engineering. He is famous for his low rider gooseneck style bobbers.

I then contacted a popular builder specializing in Harley Davidson Sportster custom frames called Led Sled Customs. Pat Patterson and his crew knew exactly what I was looking for and put together this kick ass rolling chassis for me.

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  1. Possumjoe007 October 21st

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    Can anyone out there help me build a basic frame for a 1929-31 bike for under 400 dollars? They're essentially glorified bicycles.

  2. Daniel October 21st

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    If so, please leave a comment and some easy to follow information. I just want the basic frame and perhaps some ideas for what would make a good engine.

  3. GarageBuiltChop October 21st

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    Hey Daniel, have you posted on clubchopper. Tons of guys on there who could help you out. What kind of bike is it?

  4. Va3hfa October 23rd

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    sweet love the long n low bobs what was the total cost on that roller

  5. Michael Dixon October 26th

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    Nice work. Is this frame, rake etc the same as zero choppers? Zero in las Vegas used to sell the roller kits but I missed out. Any help you can give would be fantastic. Regards Michael

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