I didn’t have it in me to keep posting the build progress when I have this to show you guys. Fired her up and she is ready for the road. Just need to go through the inspection process and all paperwork. Stay tuned for more build picts and some nicer photos and videos.

The Flow Custom Harley


Sportster 2 into 1 Exhaust

The first thing I did was hunt down a copy of V-Twin Tuner’s Handbook by D. William Denish. After doing the math to figure out the perfect header length and diameter, I ordered some J-Bends, a two into one merge collector and a megaphone from SPD Exhaust Components. I then just worked my way from the exhaust port to the end of the exhaust using pipe clamps to hold the exhaust in place before I tack weld.

Custom Sportster ExhaustHow to Sportster ExhaustHand Made Sportster ExhaustSportster ExhaustHarley 2 into 1 ExhaustHarley Davidson Sportster Custom ExhaustHarley Sportster ExhaustHarley Sportster 2 into 1 ExhaustCustom Harley Sportster 2 into 1 Exhaust

For the exhaust tip I found a cone formula online where you just enter the two diameters and then it creates a perfect template. The baffle is made of perforated stainless steel to take a beating from the exhaust gasses. The heat shields are .75″ aluminum round rod cut down the middle. I figure a black ceramic coat on the exhaust, a chrome plate tip and polished heat shields should look pretty cool.

Harley Custom Exhaust TipHarley Exhaust TipCustom Exhaust BaffleHarley Exhaust Tip BaffleCustom Harley Exhaust Heat ShieldsCustom Harley Sportster 2 into 1 Exhaust


Custom Ignition Switch Mount

After figuring out how I was going to mount the ignition switch, I designed the templates on the computer and printed them out on a mailing label. To protect the switch I welded a short piece of exhaust tube (to encase it) to the back plate of the mount which will be fastened to the motor mount bolt. I used small threaded rod and some acorn nuts to fasten the front plate with the switch. The rear piece will be powder coated black and the front aluminum plate will be polished. Bling Bling!

Custom Ignition Switch Mount SketchIgnition Switch Mount TemplateIgnition Switch Mount TemplateCustom Chopper Ignition Switch Mount