Front Brakes

brake bracket machinedfront brake caliper rotorI am a true believer of, “buy the tool and do it yourself”. (I will get that metal lathe 😉 ) In this case it wasn’t really the right tool but it worked nevertheless.

My problem was I needed to remove some material from my brake bracket. The front fork leg and bolt were in the way of the position I wanted. I stopped by the local machine tool shop and picked up a milling bit to do some plunge milling on my drill press. I sketched out with a sharpie what I wanted to remove and clamped her down tight, making sure not to scratch up the chrome finish.

After patiently removing the material I sanded it smooth with a Dremel and like Jim Carrey once said, “LIKE A GLOVE!”

In these photos are JayBrake calipers and El Cheapo rotors from Ebay.