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Loungin' in Montauk

As a young boy growing up in Long Island, NY, I was always tinkering in the garage. My dad, Anthony aka Tony B always had me helping him with something. He taught me tons of stuff. Mostly home improvements but occasionally we’d build an RC Car or boat. We had dreams of building sweet hot rods but life doesn’t always turn out the way you expect it. My father passed away in 1997 and I dedicate this bike build to him.

Back in the 80’s I was a hardcore BMX dude. Not like those crazy kids today. I give them props. They have serious balls to do the shit that they do. But like back then with my Mongoose and Hutch, aside from the racing, jumping and tricks, was the tricked-out bike itself. Picking out the components, alternating colors for contrast, swapping parts with friends. Who knew it could get better?

As I got older my friends and I stepped it up to mopeds, go carts and dirt bikes. Still being kids we didn’t have much money so we had to get basket cases and fix em up. The older we got the faster the toys. My favorite bike was a Kawasaki KX125. I used to take it to my friends motocross track on his fathers farm. Lets just say, “BIG AIR=SCARED PAUL”.

In 11th grade a friend of mine gave me a 77 Firebird that only went in reverse. My mother wasn’t so happy to find it in the garage when she got home from work. But she was very happy to hear the rebuilt Chevy engine start up for the first time. Go ma! Thanks for putting up with my shit. Like 2Pac once said. You are appreciated!

Um, er, eh…yeah. My favorite colors are black, orange, blue. I like to fish, surf, snowboard and ride motorcycles!

I hope you enjoy my site and thanks for stopping by.

Be good,