Stripping a Harley

Time to get dirty!


Bobber Design

bobber rolling chassis bobber computer mock upIn this photo the bike is magically balancing on it’s wheels. Yeah, I photoshopped out the wood blocks holding it up. Being a graphic designer is helpful with the initial design. But I could have easily just clipped out pictures from magazines of what I like and gone from there.

The second picture is where I’d like to go with the design. But who knows, things could change throughout the process.

I like the aggressive look and stance of the drag bars in combination with the Sportster gas tank and the beefy tire profile. It just screams muscle. I also want to ride the shit out of this bike (and not just in a straight line) so the thick front tire should help with the handling. This will be my first time riding a springer too. Should be interesting.

I was back and fourth on the foot controls and after trying out both on the donor bike I decided with mid-controls. Yes it’s nice to stretch out but control is more important to me than comfort. And besides I can always add highway pegs in the future.

Besides looking cool this 2 into 1 exhaust design and it’s scavenging effect should help with the bottom end power needs. Not sure about chrome or ceramic coating yet. We’ll see.

Since it’s a rigid frame, I’m going with some mountain bike shocks under the seat. I never rode a rigid. I heard a rigid with a chain drive connects to the road instantaneously. Also heard it kicks out on ya while turning and hitting bumps. I just hope by back doesn’t hate me for not going with a soft-tail.

What’s that you say? I don’t have brakes. “I don’t need no stinking brakes” Gonna do 4 piston calipers front and back.


NRHS Sportster 883-1212 Engine Conversion

NRHS Sportster 883-1212 Engine Conversion Dyno90 Horsepower and 85 Ft-Lbs of Torque. Sweet!

On this Dyno readout from Rosa’s Cycle the starting horsepower was 75. That’s after I did the conversion. Starting out, the stock Sportster 883 had something like 53HP, 49 ft-lbs of torque.

The readout shows I need to do a little work in the lower RPM range. Hopefully the exhaust I designed will take care of that. If I can get this puppy up to 100hp that would be almost a 50% increase in horsepower. Not to shabby for a 74 Cubic Inches.