Stripping a Harley

Time to get dirty!


Custom Sportster Bobber Build

Harley Davidson Sportster Donor BikeWhat’s up fellow motorcycle enthusiasts!
Welcome to my custom bobber build blog.

This is my first build so if you see some mistakes in the process feel free to comment fast before I screw something up!

After deciding to build a bike (thanks to Orange County Choppers and Biker Build Off). I did a little research as to what bike to build. I loved the look of the shovel head, knuckle and pan head motors but after doing the math I decided to go a cheaper route. A Harley Davidson Sportster engine is affordable and comes with a FREE TRANSMISSION ;). The best way to build an affordable custom bike is to chop up a donor bike. I already had a Suzuki Blvd M50, the bike that got me hooked on motorcycles. It was only a couple years old so I took it to a Harley dealer and traded it for a 2001 Sportster 883.

After having some fun riding the Sporty around I decided it was time to do some engine work. Some research on the web pointed me to to a company called Nallin Racing Head Service. After speaking to Dan (real nice guy) and telling him what I’d like to do and my budget I ordered my go fast goods!

  • 883 to 1212 conversion package
  • Stage II cylinder head work
  • Screaming Eagle .536 Camshafts
  • Daytona Twin Tec Ignition Module

Stay tuned for my rolling chassis post…