Sportster 2 into 1 Exhaust

The first thing I did was hunt down a copy of V-Twin Tuner’s Handbook by D. William Denish. After doing the math to figure out the perfect header length and diameter, I ordered some J-Bends, a two into one merge collector and a megaphone from SPD Exhaust Components. I then just worked my way from the exhaust port to the end of the exhaust using pipe clamps to hold the exhaust in place before I tack weld.

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For the exhaust tip I found a cone formula online where you just enter the two diameters and then it creates a perfect template. The baffle is made of perforated stainless steel to take a beating from the exhaust gasses. The heat shields are .75″ aluminum round rod cut down the middle. I figure a black ceramic coat on the exhaust, a chrome plate tip and polished heat shields should look pretty cool.

Harley Custom Exhaust TipHarley Exhaust TipCustom Exhaust BaffleHarley Exhaust Tip BaffleCustom Harley Exhaust Heat ShieldsCustom Harley Sportster 2 into 1 Exhaust