Mooneyes Oil Tank Fabricator Kevin Mount

What a bad-ass combination! Fabricator Kevin did it again with this sweet mount for the Mooneyes oil tank. I guess I’ll have the mount powdercoated black so the chrome bolts and the oil tank really stand out.

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Battery Tray Mount

Here’s how I put together the battery tray mount. Since I couldn’t get my hands on a big enough piece of .25″ thick plate, I had to weld together some narrow pieces I found at Home Depot. I don’t think I’m gonna go with the aluminum box around the battery. I was originally planning on powdercoating the tray black with the aluminum around the battery, but now I think I’ll just chrome the battery tray with a black battery.

Battery Tray MountBattery Tray MountBattery Tray MountBattery TrayBattery TrayBattery Tray


Custom Rear Fender Struts

After flipping though some magazines and books I came up with a design for the rear fender struts. Ok, I “borrowed” the design from the Indian Larry Legacy Blue Bayou bike.

Materials: Bungs from Bung King, half inch diameter round rod and 1″x.125″ flat bar from Home Depot.

Tools: Mig welder, drill, map gas torch, bench vise, bending jig, half round file.

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