NRHS Sportster 883-1212 Engine Conversion

NRHS Sportster 883-1212 Engine Conversion Dyno90 Horsepower and 85 Ft-Lbs of Torque. Sweet!

On this Dyno readout from Rosa’s Cycle the starting horsepower was 75. That’s after I did the conversion. Starting out, the stock Sportster 883 had something like 53HP, 49 ft-lbs of torque.

The readout shows I need to do a little work in the lower RPM range. Hopefully the exhaust I designed will take care of that. If I can get this puppy up to 100hp that would be almost a 50% increase in horsepower. Not to shabby for a 74 Cubic Inches.


Garage Workshop and Sportster 883-1212 Engine Conversion

Garage Workshop, Harley Sportster, Bobber ProjectIt’s not much. But it’ll get the job done. The bench the rolling chassis is on is just a wood workbench. I added some casters I picked up from Harbor Freight Tools so I can roll it around. I made the bench on the right to mount some necessary tools. A grinder, a table mount belt/disk sander and a drill press, all made by Craftsman. Another must have tool is a band saw. I picked up a Dewalt portable bandsaw and found this tablemount for it. The welder I have is a Lincoln Electric Home Depot special. I think it’s called the Weldpack HD 3200. It’s a MIG welder and I made sure it had a hookup for shielding gas. Those are the main tools aside from your standard hand tools. I’ll mention more along the way.

883 1212 Sportster Engine ConversionIn these photos I am finishing up the NRHS engine conversion on my donor bike I mentioned earlier. I had the cylinders powder coated with a black wrinkle finish after they were bored and honed. I like the contrast they have with the chrome push rod covers. I also had the rocker cover spacers powder coated black with a smooth finish.


Bobber Rolling Chassis

Gooseneck sportster rolling chassisAfter cruising the custom motorcycle magazines for a style I liked. I was inspired by the pro builder and artist Shinya Kimura of Chabott Engineering formerly Zero Engineering. He is famous for his low rider gooseneck style bobbers.

I then contacted a popular builder specializing in Harley Davidson Sportster custom frames called Led Sled Customs. Pat Patterson and his crew knew exactly what I was looking for and put together this kick ass rolling chassis for me.