Do it yourself welding table plans

If you’re going to be fabricating some chopper parts your going to need a welding table. I found these welding table plans on the Lincoln Electric website. Nothing too fancy, but gets the job done. It’ll also come in handy when using a torch to bend metal.

Do it yourself wellding tableDo it yourself welding tableDo it yourself welding tableDo it yourself welding tableDo it yourself welding tableDo it yourself welding table


Garage Workshop and Sportster 883-1212 Engine Conversion

Garage Workshop, Harley Sportster, Bobber ProjectIt’s not much. But it’ll get the job done. The bench the rolling chassis is on is just a wood workbench. I added some casters I picked up from Harbor Freight Tools so I can roll it around. I made the bench on the right to mount some necessary tools. A grinder, a table mount belt/disk sander and a drill press, all made by Craftsman. Another must have tool is a band saw. I picked up a Dewalt portable bandsaw and found this tablemount for it. The welder I have is a Lincoln Electric Home Depot special. I think it’s called the Weldpack HD 3200. It’s a MIG welder and I made sure it had a hookup for shielding gas. Those are the main tools aside from your standard hand tools. I’ll mention more along the way.

883 1212 Sportster Engine ConversionIn these photos I am finishing up the NRHS engine conversion on my donor bike I mentioned earlier. I had the cylinders powder coated with a black wrinkle finish after they were bored and honed. I like the contrast they have with the chrome push rod covers. I also had the rocker cover spacers powder coated black with a smooth finish.