Sportster Motor Mount

Round rod is cool. It’ll be even cooler when it gets chrome plated. This top motor mount kit from Bung King will help bring on the bling bling!

Sportster Motor MountSportster Motor MountHarley Motor MountChopper Motor MountBobber Motor MountSportster Motor Mount


Mooneyes Oil Tank Fabricator Kevin Mount

What a bad-ass combination! Fabricator Kevin did it again with this sweet mount for the Mooneyes oil tank. I guess I’ll have the mount powdercoated black so the chrome bolts and the oil tank really stand out.

Moon Eyes Oil TankFab Kevin Moon Eyes Oil Tank MountFab Kevin Chopper Oil Tank MountWelding Chopper Oil Tank MountMoon Eyes Chopper Oil Tank Fab Kevin MountMoon Eyes Chopper Oil Tank


Battery Tray Mount

Here’s how I put together the battery tray mount. Since I couldn’t get my hands on a big enough piece of .25″ thick plate, I had to weld together some narrow pieces I found at Home Depot. I don’t think I’m gonna go with the aluminum box around the battery. I was originally planning on powdercoating the tray black with the aluminum around the battery, but now I think I’ll just chrome the battery tray with a black battery.

Battery Tray MountBattery Tray MountBattery Tray MountBattery TrayBattery TrayBattery Tray