Front Brakes

brake bracket machinedfront brake caliper rotorI am a true believer of, “buy the tool and do it yourself”. (I will get that metal lathe 😉 ) In this case it wasn’t really the right tool but it worked nevertheless.

My problem was I needed to remove some material from my brake bracket. The front fork leg and bolt were in the way of the position I wanted. I stopped by the local machine tool shop and picked up a milling bit to do some plunge milling on my drill press. I sketched out with a sharpie what I wanted to remove and clamped her down tight, making sure not to scratch up the chrome finish.

After patiently removing the material I sanded it smooth with a Dremel and like Jim Carrey once said, “LIKE A GLOVE!”

In these photos are JayBrake calipers and El Cheapo rotors from Ebay.


Taped-On Chopper Parts

chopper parts, mooneyes oil tank, flanders handlebars, offset risers, chopper shox, seatpan, west eagle fenderYes black tape is not a substitute for welding, but it sure can hold some parts in place for an exciting visual of what your ride is gonna look like.

After buying a couple of gas tanks (a mustang tank and an Indian Larry dished tank) I actually decided to use the tank from the donor bike. Lost some money there. Oh well, guess I’ll just have to build another bike 😉

The risers are hard to see but they’re from DMC Chops. They do a nice job for a decent price. Jamie, where’s my 50 bucks???

The handlebars are Flanders. The hand controls are JayBrake Classics. I went with JayBrake calipers too. Four piston front and back. One thing you don’t want to go cheap on is brakes. What’s the saying? “Don’t put all the money in the go save some for the slow“. Something like that.

The seat pan and shocks are from Guilty Customs. The fender is a bicycle style fender from West Eagle. They have some pretty cool parts. Also picked up a tail light from them.

And last but certainly not least is the bad-ass Mooneyes oil tank.