Custom Rear Fender Struts

After flipping though some magazines and books I came up with a design for the rear fender struts. Ok, I “borrowed” the design from the Indian Larry Legacy Blue Bayou bike.

Materials: Bungs from Bung King, half inch diameter round rod and 1″x.125″ flat bar from Home Depot.

Tools: Mig welder, drill, map gas torch, bench vise, bending jig, half round file.

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Chopper Seat with Mini Shocks

Ok, back to the build. As you can see below, the first thing I did was find the center of the seat pan so I can drill and weld in some bolts. Then I picked up this killer seat hinge from Fabricator Kevin and tack welded it on the frame, making sure it was aligned with the backbone and level. After bolting the seat on I tacked on the shocks. I ended up re-welding the top of the shocks a little further back to lower the seat pan. The seat pan and shocks are from Guilty Customs.

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Rear Master Cylinder Relocation

Since I chopped up the sprocket cover and the mount for the rear master cylinder, I now need a new place to mount it. After eyeing the brake pedal and frame I figured I’d just mount it to the frame with some bungs. As long as I don’t plan to use the inner frame tube for wires or brake lines I should be good to go. Or stop!

Master Cylinder RelocationMaster Cylinder RelocationMaster Cylinder RelocationMaster Cylinder RelocationMaster Cylinder RelocationMaster Cylinder RelocationMaster Cylinder Relocation


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